Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Bed Quilt

I started this post back at Christmas time... time just got away from me! :D  So I'm very sorry for the extreme delay! (btw - this has been completed and on my bed for several months - with 4 matching pillowcases)
  Usually I don't take on this big of a project but FINALLY I made a quilt for my bed.  After what seems like hours and hours - lots and lots of CA$H.  It's almost done.  I'm sharing the pictures today! 
 I got the idea for this quilt at  BTW Piece n quilt is one of my favorite blogs!  Check it out if you get a chance.    I did pick my own fabric and change the flower up a bit... fabric is "hometown by Sweetwater".

I miss the design wall at retreat! I need one at home!

Flower Layout
 Had to add another row - I didn't like how the pattern was working out! 
Adjusting the flowers yet again....

FINALLY - Quilted and on the BED!  YAY!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

T's Birthday - Dec 2011!

We gathered at Mom's for my niece T's birthday and a little thanksgiving!  I usually get to see my niece just once a year!    This was definately a fun time.  She turned 15 this year!  OMG! 

"WE" made cupcakes for her birthday!  I was teaching her to use bags and tips instead of just a knife to frost the cakes.  I wish you could have heard her comments.  LOL

 T and her birthday cup cakes.  Lemon cakes with chocolate and vanilla icing!
 Seems to be getting the hang of it.
T and Granma! 
Granma was supervising to make sure we didn't mess up her kitchen too much!

After the birthday mess we decided to MAKE COOKIES!!! 
We aren't professionals but we sure had a good time!
I tried a new recipe from pinterest...  the cookies were actually quite tasty and Granma said the dough was easy to work with.   Granma and T rolled, cut out and baked. I made frosting and did dishes and more dishes.  Gosh we are a messy lot!

Gotta Love that goofy kid!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

More shopping in Houston....

Written but not posted...  11/06/11 sorry for the delay but time has just flown by!

My bestie and I did a lot of shopping - we should have been shopping for winter clothes but this was much more fun.   Stopped at a Cake Shop and found Citric Acid for Bath Bomb making and this super cute spider web and spidy cookie cutters.  I got to shop at new cooking shop (thank you bestie for the new crack!) if you ever get a chance to shop in this store - just do it!  Sur La Table.  I'm actually going to take a cooking class at Sur La Table in late January.  Sauces!  I'm so excited.

Here's some of my purchases!
Spider Web and Spidy Cookie Cutters! 

Several Christmasee Cutters.  Stars, Mitten, Ornament and a gift tag!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Crafty Crafters!

Having a fabulous time in Houston with my bestie - we would all be in serious trouble if we still actually lived on the same side of Texas! 

We have decided to be crafty this weekend.  So we are getting a jump start on our christmaseee projects.  I hope you all know pinterest is more than addictive, it's down right evil

We have had more fun plotting and planning and shopping and buying...  Thank heavens for coupons!  We have been at this since 10am....  it's now 10pm.  We stopped for a quick run to the murder Walmart (don't ask - you probably don't wanna know!)  More supplies were needed and a snack plus a monster - this could be a long night!

Here's the loot from the first shopping trip!

First Project...  Stained Glass Paint on a Clear Ornament.  Not perfect but pretty cute.  It looks like coke bottle blue!

Snowman was up next.  I'm still not totally happy but it's getting better all the time.

Lots of trial and error!  but that's the fun of being crafty.  You can be afraid to fail!

Up next - glue dots and glitter, paint/stain inside the clear ornaments,  different snowmen and probably a couple of other things I can't think of right now...  the monster has not kicked in yet! I will take few more snaps and show off my besties SUPER cute cup cake ornaments.

Love ya,
Crafty Chicken!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Purging Plan

Yep yep..  lots of plans for today and decided this would be a perfect time to write a post!  HA!

I'm cleaning, purging, laundry and cleaning again.  I'm getting new counter tops in a couple of weeks and I want things to be clean and tidy for strange people to be in my house.  So I figured this would be a good reason to clean and purge. Not just HIDE!

THE PLAN = EVERYTHING MUST have a proper home - find a good home or toss or something like that!

I got a good  start this morning....  I have already bagged up 5 bags of clothes and shoes.  2 bags full of shredded paper.   Pretty good start! 

I struggle with the paper things that you don't know quite what to do with.  It's a terrible idea but they are going in a WTH box for now at least.  I'm an expert at putting "stuff" in a box closing the lid and sticking it in the back of my closet or under my bed.   (that needs to stop)

Next on the agenda...  shower, more laundry, LUNCH, dropping off 5 charity bags, quilt store is having a sale - like I NEED more fabric, some college football - the huskers are playing at 2:30, at least 2 more boxes purged during the game, NAP and then out to see a band play!

On the agenda for tomorrow:  recycle  extra TV, VCR, Lg Monitor, 1 computer (Best Buy has a great disposal program), gather books for return to 1/2 price, open  all the boxes under my bed, straighten sewing area, finish up shredding, clean bathroom, sweep, mop and vaccum.  AND if I get all the done!  I get to SEW and COOK!  YAY!

Things I need or need to research:
Document Storage System
Fireproof Safe
Project/fabric storage

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Jack-O-Lantern Jog 5k

Wooo Hooo!  this was my goal.. if you remember, I posted it last night.
"First 5k of the fall season is tomorrow. Wish me luck. I'm hoping to finish in about 36 minutes. My last 5k was considerably slower - due to the heat. (that's my story)"

Yes I did finish in about 36 minutes.  35.45 unofficially from my watch!  This was one of my best times ever.  Pretty good for an "older", still kinda fluffy, soon to be ex-smoker!  If I do say so myself!

First mile was 11:30....  so my other 2 miles might have been at a slight slower pace but not by much.

I was really impressed with the T-Shirt design.  Sometimes they don't seem to put a bunch of effort into the Tee.

Friday, October 14, 2011


I got my a new toy, I guess you would call it a toy.   An implement to help me stop smoking.  Yes I know, I know.  Smoking is bad for you....  blah blah blah!  But stopping smoking has been way harder for me than losing weight.  I have heard it all and yes I know I'm shortening my life 5 minutes at a time, nails in my coffin...  I could go on and on.  But this e-cig thing seems to be working pretty well.  Now just to cut down on the amount of nic I'm vaping.   This shouldn't be too hard.  HA! 

I starting using my "new toy" about 6 days ago.  I have had 4 actual "burning" cigs in the last 6 days. 
First thing I notice.  NO smell.  totally good thing and an actually burning cig tastes like licking a wet ash tray - NASTY! 
Next thing I have noticed.  Boot camp and running camp seem to be much easier!  Don't get me wrong boot camp is still HARD and running is challenging even on a good day!  but I'm breathing so much better.  We have been doing pace drills in my running class.   My pace as definitely quickened.  We were running 1/2 mile intervals on Tuesday night.  My first 1/2 was actually 10 seconds slower than 5th 1/2.  Imagine that!  I was pacing with a marathon runner.  I was running at a much faster pace than he was used to, so it was challenging for him as well.  I didn't think I was doing all that good until will compared notes.  It was a win for me and win for him as well.  He quickened his overall pace and my pace start to finish stayed very close to the same.     Usually my last interval is at least 30 to 45 seconds slower than the first.  (now to extend my running time/distance)
Third good thing.  I might have been out the money for the e-cig and juice.  ($75)  but I would have spent at least $75 on cigs for 2 weeks.  I still have enough juice to make it for at least another 4 weeks.

3 GREAT things out of 1 $75 purchase!  Ultimately I would like to quit smoking all together.  Baby steps have always worked the best.  Next baby step...  decrease the amount of nic!

First 5k of the fall season is tomorrow.  Wish me luck.  I'm hoping to finish in about 36 minutes.  My last 5k was considerably slower - due to the heat.  (that's my story)